Welcome to Hidden Creek Bed & Breakfast!
We hope you have a wonderful time while you are staying with us. This book has been assembled to provide you with information you may need while at the B&B.

Reaching the Hosts:
Ron & Michelle can be reached by phone or text at:

(907) 350-1484 (Michelle's cell)
(907) 350-7697 (Ron's cell)

Emergency Numbers:
Fire, Emergency Medical Services Dial 9-1-1
Business Telephone (907) 783-2511

Girdwood Clinic (907) 783-1355
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9AM-6PM,
Wednesday 9AM-7PM

For minor injuries, a first aid kit can be found in the laundry room. For your safety we have installed smoke detectors in each room. If you hear the smoke alarm, please exit your room promptly and go outdoors. We will advise you immediately of the situation.

While in Girdwood:
Girdwood is a unique community with some quirky features. Please drive slowly while in the neighborhood. Dogs, children and an occasional moose feel that they have the right of way on the roads. The road conditions are not the best, so be careful while driving. Depending on the time of year, you could encounter very slick and icy roads or deeply rutted and dusty roads. Please respect our neighbors and keep the noise levels low while you are outside. While a moose or bear sighting can be very exciting, remember these large animals can be dangerous. Always be alert and try not to startle the bear or moose.

Breakfast is served in the dining room from 8-9AM. Your meal will be cooked to order for you, so plan on a leisurely experience. If your schedule does not permit much time, please notify Michelle the evening before, so arrangements can be made to better suit you. We are happy to accommodate early or late seatings, if we know in advance. If you are planning a very early start, we can leave a continental breakfast out for you, or have a "breakfast-on-the-run" bag packed for you. Also, if you would like to have your meal served at a particular time, we can provide you with a menu the night before, so your meal is ready when you arrive in the dining room.

We have gone to great lengths to make this B&B as soundproof as possible. There will still be times when loud noises may disturb other guests. While you are in the Common Area, please be respectful of other guests, especially after 10PM. The hours between 10PM and 8AM are "quiet hours". We ask that you turn down cell phones and other devises that may wake guests in other rooms. Keep the volume on your television or radio turned to a reasonable level. If other guests are being disrespectful of you, please give us a call so we can rectify the situation.

With the popularity of cell phones we have found that private phones in the rooms are seldom used, so we have removed them. We will be happy to let you use one of our phones if you need to make or receive a call and do not have a cell phone or your cell phone company does not get coverage in our area.

Wireless Internet/Printer:
The B&B has wireless internet (Wi-Fi) available throughout, just log onto the Hiddencreek network. The password is hiddencreek. If you need assistance or have difficulty accessing the network, please notify Ron. A wireless printer is near the kitchen. If you print a document, just let us know and we will retrieve it for you.

24-Hour Beverage Service:
There is a mini-refrigerator with an icemaker in the Common Area for the use of guests of Hidden Creek Bed & Breakfast. There is also an "insta-hot" water dispenser at the sink, which will provide boiling hot water. There is complimentary tea, hot chocolate and cider in the cabinet above the sink. The Keurig machine makes individual cups of coffee, just select a pod, insert and press brew. Cream, sugar and sweeteners are in the cabinet. Mugs and an assortment of glasses, plates, bowls and silverware can also be found in this cabinet. Please help yourself.

Hot Tub:
The hot tub is located right out the door next to the Common Area. Enjoy the spa while you are here, but for your safely and the safety of others, please follow the posted rules. Be courteous of other guests who may also want to use the hot tub. Bathers must shower before entering. Please notify Ron or Michelle if the water gets excessively cloudy or bubbly. The hot tub is kept clean with a combination of ozone and chlorine, but if bathers enter with moisturizers or oils on their skin the filters cannot keep up with the cleaning process.

Robes and slippers are available in your closet and may be used when you walk outside to the hot tub. There are hooks outside to hang your robes. Towels for the hot tub are available in the Common Area. If you wish to bring a beverage into the spa, please do not take anything glass into the hot tub! Plastic glasses are provided for our convenience.

There is a washer and dryer available for guest use in the hallway leading to the Alaskan Wildflower Room. These machines may be used when they are not being used for B&B linens and towels. Out of respect for other guests, please do not use the laundry facilities after 10PM. The washer and dryer are high efficiency machines that use very little water and require very little laundry detergent. There is liquid laundry detergent in the laundry room that you may use. A full load of laundry only takes about 1 ounce of detergent, please do not use more than this. As opposed to conventional washers and dryers, these can be filled completely. If you have questions regarding the operation of the washer or dryer, please do not hesitate to ask

Books are available for your use while you are staying with us at Hidden Creek Bed & Breakfast. There are numerous books about what to see and do in Alaska. Please do not take these from the B&B. If there is information in one of these books that may be a good reference for your day's activity, please let us know and we can get you a copy of the page.

Take a book – Leave a book! Have you finished your book? We have quite an assortment of paperback novels (not to be confused with our Alaskan reference books on the farthest shelf to the right of the fireplace) and we are happy to let you have one. If you would like, please leave your book and take a new one so guests who arrive after you may also have a selection to choose from.

There is a fireplace in the Common Area for all guests to enjoy. This is a gas fireplace and it is turned on and off by a dial just to the right of the fireplace. This dial is a timer that will turn the fireplace off after the selected time. If you decide to leave the room before the fireplace goes off, please turn off the fireplace.

TV & Radio:
Each room comes equipped with a television which is connected to Hulu Plus Live-TV. This streaming service gives you access to live shows on numerous channels, movies, Hulu originals and more.

We have two radio stations in Girdwood, our local station KEUL-FM at 88.9 FM and the repeater for Public Radio KSKA-FM at 91.9 FM. Reception for other Anchorage radio stations is not too good in our area.

If you are staying with us for more than one day, we will make the beds, empty garbage cans and replace towels left on the floor. Sheets will be changed as requested. If you would like your sheets changed, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Guests using the sleeper sofas or Murphy bed may request help with preparing these beds. The sleeper sofa in the Creekside Suite has a unique air mattress built into it. The pump is located on the top shelf in the closet along with instructions for use.

Extra blankets are provided in the closet of each bedroom. Extra pillows are available as well as down-free pillows. Please let us know if you need one.

The B&B is heated with radiant heat. This is a very comfortable and efficient form of heat, but the temperature in the room with not change dramatically in a short amount of time. If the room is too hot, please open a window; on almost any day this will cool the room quickly. If the room is too cold, set the thermostat up and be prepared to wait a while. If you are uncomfortably cold, please let us know and we can provide a space heater.

To help plan your day and to help us prepare for other guests, please observe the following:
Check-out time: 11AM Check-in Time: 4PM

Room Keys:
A key has been left in your room that will lock and unlock your private guest room. Please be aware, if you have locked the door from the inside and you leave the room without unlocking it, the door will be locked upon your return. We encourage you to lock your door if you are leaving any valuables in your room. When you are checking out, please leave the key in the room or return it to the hosts.

The entrance to the B&B has a combination lock. We generally leave this door unlocked, but if it makes you more comfortable, please lock this door. When you check in you will be given the code to open this door.

Environmental Responsibility:

At Hidden Creek Bed & Breakfast we take pride in our environmental stewardship. We have chosen to live in Girdwood due to its beautiful natural setting. We strive to do all we can to help protect the environment. Here are a few way we are working toward this goal:

* We have a recycle bin under the sink in the Common Area and would love it if you would help in our effort to recycle. We accept plastic bottles, #1 and #2, tin, aluminum, glass and all paper and cardboard products.

* We have also made a conscious effort to reduce our plastic usage.
Part of this includes water bottles. The tap water in Girdwood comes from the Municipality of Anchorage and is some of the best water in the country. Our tap water has to go through more regulations and is a better quality than bottled water. Bottled water only has to be FDA approved and the regulations are not nearly as stringent.

* The soap products that are used by guests at Hidden Creek are
sent to "Clean the World". This organization takes products from hotels, inns and B&Bs, sanitizes and recycles them and provides them to people in impoverished countries, reducing the number of hygiene-related deaths each year. A rack card with more information is also provided in this notebook.

* We have chosen to heat our house with radiant heat, a very efficient source of energy. A majority of our lighting fixtures have LED bulbs. Laundry detergents are perfume and dye free. Most cleaning products are natural. Cloth napkins and cloth rags are used to cut down on paper waste. Our landscape is maintained without any harsh chemicals, using organic methods of gardening.

We appreciate your help in protecting our pristine environment. If you would like to learn more about ways to help protect Alaska's environment please let us know.

Looking for a place for lunch or dinner? There is an assortment of menus for restaurants in the Girdwood area in a binder in the Common Area. We are also happy to provide you with suggestions, just ask.

Area Activities:
There are many activities to do in and around Girdwood. We have assembled a binder in the Common Area filled with brochures detailing some of our favorite activities. The weather in this area is sometimes unpredictable. Check with the outfitter to see if your desired activity is available on your desired day. We are happy to discuss options for your day's adventures and we can book trips as well. We can also advise you on the proper clothing needed for the trip you have selected.

Grocery/Liquor Store:
The Crow Creek Mercantile, or "The Merc" is located in the New Girdwood Town site. You can find groceries, toiletries, fishing licenses, liquor, and an ATM at this store. If you do not find what you are looking for at "The Merc" chances are it is not in Girdwood. You may also try at the Tesoro Gas Station at the turnoff to the Seward Highway or at the Alyeska Hotel.

Post Office:
The Girdwood Post Office is located in the New Girdwood Town site. You can purchase stamps, mail letters and postcards and send off packages from here.

Enjoy your stay at Hidden Creek Bed & Breakfast. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.